Sign the #BabiesBrainsMatter Pledge

Tweddle is committed to infant mental health and the support of services in the first 1000 days because #BabiesBrainsMatter.

Our goal is for every baby and toddler to receive sensitive, appropriate and responsive care from their main caregivers in the first years of life. We’re inviting you to add your voice (and your logo) to the growing number of international advocates raising awareness of Infant Mental Health. Sign the pledge here and email our Communications Manager a jpeg of your logo and we’ll display it on this page.

The Pledge States;

The needs of infants and toddlers differ from those of older children, in that infants and toddlers are totally dependent upon the availability of consistent and responsive care from an attuned, responsive adult.

Infants have unique nonverbal ways of expressing themselves a­­­nd their capacities to feel, to form close and secure relationships, and to explore the environment and learn – all of which require appropriate nurturing since they are fundamental for building a lifetime of mental and physical health.

Multiple pressures including financial stress, mental health, housing instability, family violence and addiction can place parents under great stress. Baby and toddler development is impacted by stressful environments. Early intervention is critical to building resilience and preventing achievement gaps.

The contacts that all parents have with services before and after the birth of their child provides a unique opportunity to identify families at risk. This includes Early Parenting Centres, GPs, Maternal and Child Health Services, Community Services and Childcare Services.

I would like to add my voice to the international movement that calls on Government, industry and consumers to consider the distinct needs of babies and toddlers and to invest in services that support the first 1000 days (conception to age 2).

We invite you to sign the pledge and return it to Tweddle Child and Family Health Service by email at, by fax on (03) 9689 1922 or by post at Tweddle, 53 Adelaide Street Footscray. Tweddle will collect the pledges and present them to representatives of Parliament during Infant Mental Health Awareness Week.

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